The steamer Cambodia disappeared in the deep 15.February 1910 under a journey from Fredrikstad to South Afrika on Hauslansgrunna outside Fevik. In charge on Cambodia was Captain Albert Christensen and 28 men. A gale raged in the area, and she soon sailed into trouble and started to sink. The crews futile attempts to launch the lifeboats only resulted in them being smashed into the hull. Later that same day she broke in two parts and Captain Christensen and fifteen men went down in the deep with her. The Norwegian ship Activ was nearby and managed to rescue the remaining crew. For noble deed Karl Knutsen and Edvard Hansen later received the The Danish Kings silver medal for noble deed having rescued the remaining crew on Cambodia that night. The broken remains of her rest today on a depth of approximately 25 meter on the north side of Hauslansgrunna.

Former names:

Tons: Built: Home Port:
2579 grt
Stockton ( UK ) 1895 KĂžbenhavn ( DK )

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