Monty was built as a coastal tanker for Royal Navy in 1944 named RFA Chant 4. The Chant vessels were built to support the delivery of fuel after the Allied military landings in Normandy in 1944. Due to instability, and four ships lost at sea, they decided to use another class for this task. In 1946 Chant 4 was sold to Norway, and the year after she was rebuilt as a coastal freighter in Drammen. Under a journey from Her√łya to Trondheim loaded with fertilizer she capsized and sank three nautical miles south of Torungen lighthouse 8.January 1951. The whole crew of eleven men lost their lives. The wreck of Monty rest today on a depth of 120 meter.

Former names:
Fia,Chant 4
143,2 x 27,1 x 10,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
443 grt
Yorkshire ( UK ) 1944 Oslo ( N )

N 58 23 E 08 51

Picture: Chant 50, same ship type as Chant 4
Courtesy of Skipet