V-1605 Mosel


Mosel was laid down in Wesermünde in 1937 as a fishing trawler for Hans Kunkel. Only two years later she was requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine and assigned to 19. Minenraum Flotille in Kiel. She received a military crew and armaments, and was renamed M-1903. Her first assignment came in April 1940 under the invasion of Norway. She  participated in the rescuing of the cruiser Lützow, and also assisted after the loss of M-1101\ Foch & Hubert. In 1943 she was transferred to 16.Vorpost Flotille in Denmark as V-1605. In October 1944 she was ordered to escort the tanker Nachschubtanker Norwegen 15. In the morning 15.October, the RAF Banff Strike Wing prepares to attack enemy shipping in Norway. They spot the tanker and her escort in the afternoon attack. Within a few minutes the tanker, loaded with petroleum., is set full ablaze. Also Mosel is heavily damaged but she keeps fighting. When the assault is over at 15:37 she is on fire from bow to stern, and three minutes later she disappears in the deep. The wreck was found in the summer of 2001 outside Lillesand on a depth of 30 to 50 meter.

Former names:
Mosel, M-1903
49,7 x 8,1x 3,8 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
426 grt
Wesermünde ( D ) 1937 Fredrikshavn ( DK )

GPS: N 58 10 611 - E 008 20 912
( Source: OneOcean Dive Resort )

Picture: Mosel
Erling Skjold / Norwegian Shipwreck Archive