Bessheim normally went in passenger traffic between Oslo and Newcastle in England. After the outbreak of world war two she sailed in several Allied convoys. At the German invasion of Norway in April 1940, operation Weserübung, she was in Norwegian waters, and was thereafter put in service for the Norwegian Home fleet. 21. November 1941 she was on a voyage from Kvalsund to Hammerfest when she was shook by an explosion outside Hammerfest harbor. She disappeared in the deep a few minutes later. The cause of the sinking is still disputed, and some say she was sunk by a Russian mine, others claim it was a torpedo from a British submarine. Three men of the crew perished in the sinking. The wreck of Besshein rest today on a depth of 60 meter, less than one nautical mile southwest of Hammerfest harbor.

Former names:

256,0 x 36,1 x 22,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1774 grt
Kristiania ( N ) 1917 Kristiania ( N )

70° 38' 6" N, 23° 34' 41" E

Picture : Bessheim
Courtesy of Norwegian Maritime Museum