The German dry cargo freighter Blankenese was sunk 22. April 1942 in Persfjord northwest of Vardø, outside Havningberg by the Russian submarine M-173. Some Norwegian historians state that the ship was sunk by Russian airplanes 7. July 1942 and that her name was Else Marie. The documents in our archive state that this is the Blankenese. There are weeks between the dates when these two ships were sunk, and also different reason to how it happened. Clearly a tale of two different ships. Information from Stolt Comex survey of the Blankenese wreck in 1996 shows that she is partly broken down and rest on a depth of 55 to 65 meter. According to she was sunk in position 70,53 N, 30,78 E.

Former names:
Ange Sciaffino 330,6 x 48,1 x 21,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3236 grt
Kiel ( D ) 1929
Hamburg ( D )

Picture: Drawing of the wreck in 1996
Stolt Comex

From SFT`s report in 1996

Lloyds registry of ships 1934