Johann Faulbaum


Johann Faulbaum sank after a Russian air attack on the morning 15.May 1944. She was loaded with cement and wood for the German organization Todt who built a cable canal to the Litsa front. 1.May she arrived and the crew started to unload the cargo immediately because of the grave danger of a Russian air attack. Not all goes according to the plan, and 15.May she is spotted by Russian planes returning home after an attack on Kirkenes. Some hours later five Russian planes dives down from the sky and attack. In the heat of the fight one plane was hit and disappear in the fjord with a tale of smoke behind her before it crashes in the mountain wall. During the attack no one on board Johann Faulbaum were injured, but the ship was hit by five bombs, ripping her stern to bits. The wreck rest today on a depth of approx 10 to 40 meter in the northern bay in Jarfjord outside Kirkenes.

Former names:
Johann Faulbaum
Vittoria, HMS Q5 317,5 x 46,6 x 20,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2817 grt
 Stockton ( UK ) 1907 Stettin ( D )

69° 47' 35" N, 30° 24' 27" E

Picture: Vittoria
Courtesy of
Teesbuiltships & Clive Ketley
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