The steamship Hera went down after she sailed into a heavy storm in Havøygavlen northwest of Havøysund 18.March 1931. She was on a journey southwards towards Hammerfest from Honningsvåg with 67 passengers. The only equipment for navigation was a compass and a clock, and this night it all goes wrong. She hit ground at Havøygavlen and the water stream into her hull, giving her a critical listing. In the collision all the lifeboats are destroyed and her hull start to break in front of the bridge. Captain Loose lead the rescue operation with great, skill and 2nd Officer Ramm volunteer to fasten a rope to land, and soon the evacuation of the crew and passengers can start. Six people perished in the cold water this night, but the rest survived the accident. The remains of Hera rest today on a depth of approx 5 to 10 meter.

Former names:
215,6 x 30,4 x 22,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1097 grt
Hull ( UK ) 1889 Bergen ( N )

Picture: Hera
Originally from skovheim.org
( Original photo: Erling Skjold/NSA? )