Junker JU52 3M


Luftwaffe's workhorse Junker 52 served on all fronts in the second world war, and around the world several of these can still be seen, both above and under water.  During a flight from Kemi in Finland to Banak and Lakselv 24.February 1943 a Junker 52 had to do an emergency landing under a snow storm. Its stated that nine men were on board, and some of these were badly injured in the landing. The Junker lies at Geaidnogáisá in east Finnmark. This article was originally published on skovheim.org in the late 1990s. If the lane is still there or not is unknown. According to a web page and a Youtube video dated from 2010, it may look like the plane wreck is still present at its location east of Lakselv.

Former names:
Junker JU52 3M

29,2 x 18,9 x 4,5 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
6,5 tons ( empty )
( D ) 1938
Banak? ( N  )

Picture: Junker JU 52 & The JU 52 wreck in Finnmark
World War Two Photos & Video by Raymond Hansen
Originally from skovheim.org

Last updated: August 2019