Kiel Heizfahrzeug 57


The German steam freighter Kiel Heizfahrzeug 57 was according to some sources, built in Kiel in 1921 at Reiherstieg Schiffswerft. If this is correct the only ship built by this company and sent to Norway in world war two was the steamer Herman Sauber. She was built in 1936 and not 1921, and requisitioned by Kriegsmarine and sent to Northern Norway in 1941 as a netlayer. The exact identity is so far unknown for us, but we do know that this specific wreck was sunk in Kåfjord under a British air attack against the German battleship Tirpitz 15.September 1944. She was used as a so-called "heating ship", in other words sort of a starter for her bigger sisters. The wreck rest today as a classic "Donald Duck" wreck on a depth of approx 30 to 42 meter on the east side of the Kåfjord, northeast of Strømmen.

Former names:
KHZ 57

42,7 x 7,0 (? ) m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
 297 grt ( ? )
Kiel ( D ) 1921? ( D )

69° 56' 31" N, 23° 2' 58" E
( Source: Dykkepedia )

"Dampfer Herman Sauber, gebaut 1936 bei der Flensburger Schiffsbau-Gesellschaft, in Flensburg,
1941 von der Kriegsmarine zum Umbau übernommen und als Netzleger ausgerüstet und bewaffnet, eingesetzt
bei der Netzsperrgruppe Nord in Norwegen"