Minenraumschiff 26


Minenraumschiff 26 was built at Moss Verft in Norway in 1943 together with her sister ship MRS 25, both originally planned as civilian freighters. However, the plans changed for both ships, and she was assigned as a mother ship for the German Kriegsmarines minesweepers instead. Because of delays, she wasn't delivered and commissioned before July 1944. The Germans was at this point under heavy pressure on all the fronts, and parts of Finnmark county in Norway was already overrun by the Russians. MRS 26 was ordered as a troop transport and was equipped with anti aircraft guns. 26.October she was attacked by Russian airplanes in the Smalfjord,  and managed to shot down two of them without taking any damage. The day after the Russians again attacked her, this time in Hopseidet, and after they had penetrated her defenses, they scored several hits on her stern. Badly damaged, the captain decided to beach her in shallow water in attempt to save her. The wreck was abandoned and left alone til the 1950s when salvage works began. Also demolition of live ammunition devastated the already damaged wreck. The remains rest today on a depth of approx 1 to 15 meters close to shore at Hopseidet, west of Skj√•nes.

Former names:
Minenraumschiff 26

226,3 x 36,5 x 15,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4010 grt
Moss ( N ) 1943 ( N )

Pictures: MRS 26
Originally from skovheim.org
Nils Vik, private collection

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