Keyingham was a cargo steamer laid down by Joseph Thomson & Sons in Sunderland, and was launched in 1908 for the British company Thomson Steamship Company. She was sold in 1917 to another British company, before she two decades later ended up in Greek ownership by Xenious Partners. She sailed a few years under the name Omonia before she was seized and renamed by the Germans in 1939. She sailed during World War Two under the name Olsa with Emden as port of registry. While she laid at anchor in Kirkenes harbor she was bombed by Soviet airplanes 10. October 1944. The damaged steamer was towed to Leirpollen where she was left alone until the war ended. The shallow wreck was largely salvaged after the war, and the battered remains and parts of her stern section rest today at Leirpollen north of Kirkenes on a depth of 3 to 17 meter.

Former names:
Keyingham, Omonia
105,6 x 15,5 x 7,0 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3699 grt
Sunderland ( UK ) 1908
Emden ( D )

69°45'05.9"N 30°02'16.9"E

Last updated: April 2021