Patrol Torpedo Boat 275,291,412


USA produced during second world war a great number of this " easy-to-build" torpedo boats, and the boats did service all over the world. Later models of this type were also used in the Korea war and the Vietnam war. Several of these "PT" boart were sent to Russia during the second world war. Three of these vessels ended their days in Varangerfjorden after having engaged German convoys. PT-275/TK-212 was sunk by German guard boats outside Sturskjær 9. April 1944. PT-291/TK-217 was sunk by the same reason almost a month later 8. May 1944 outside Kiberg, and PT-412/TK-239 disappeared 15. July 1944 after having been engaged by German guard boats outside Ekkerøy. The wrecks of these boats have not been found, and likely never will be considering their fragile wooden hull and old age.

Former names:
PT 275,291,412

78,5 x 20,1 x 5,2 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
56 displ ( Std )
New Orleans ( US ) 1943 ( RU )

Picture: PT boat 9 in June 1940
Library of Congress's Prints and Photographs division
Public Domain