Richard With


The steamer Richard With was named after the Coastal express founding father. She was laid down at Trondheim in Norway in 1909, registered to carry 300 passengers. Saturday 13.September 1941 she was on a journey southwards with 135 people on board, when she is hit by a torpedo and sinks in less than a minute. Of the people on board, Captain Kristian Dahl Knutsen who was in command and 102 people lost their lives. Close by the Norwegian vessel Skolpen laid at anchor, which by a miracle managed to rescue the remaining people in the water. Richard With was torpedoed close to Rolvsøya between Hammerfest and Honningsvåg by the British submarine HMS Tigris which neither gave the crew or passengers the option to abandon ship before they torpedoed her. Kptlt. Bone who had the command on HMS Tigris tried to lie his way out of the situation later by telling that she had been part of a convoy. The lie was uncovered and Bone received a formal warning, and that was the end of that story. Historians has tried to blame the Germans or the Russians for this incident, but they can not turn a blind eye to the documentation and the statements from Royal Navy. According to some unverified sources, the wreck rest today on a depth of approx 55 meter.

Former names:
Richard With

226,3 x 36,5 x 15,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
904 grt
  Trondheim ( N ) 1909 Vesterålen ( N )

Picture: Richard With & Vesteraalen commercial poster
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