Sala was built in Drøbak in 1943, and was originally constructed to carry two Breda engines, but had through her lifetime only one. Rumors say that the Germans built her as a small patrol boat, but she was never put into this service. Sala ended her days in the harbor in Hammerfest late in the 1960s after having changed owners several times. The boat was first used by the Harbor authorities in Svelvik, but was bought by Paul Viktor Haltvik in Kristiansund to be used in the fishing industry. But Sala was used only for a short time for fishing, and ended up in Hammerfest where she sank while she laid at anchor in the late 1960s. The remains rest in shallow waters in Hammerfest harbor.

Former names:

59,7x 14,6 x 4,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
39,7 grt
  Drøbak ( N ) 1943 Kristiansund ( N )

Picture: Sala
Courtesy of the Haltvik family