UJ 1110-Mob.FD 6


UJ 1110 was laid down as a trawler for civil duty in the fishing industry, but was requisitioned by the Kriegsmarine right after launch. She did service in the German 11.U-Bootsjagdflottille, which was assigned the northern waters from Skagerak to northern Norway as their operational area. She hit a Russian mine and weent down 9.July 1942 outside Hammerfest harbor. The mines were laid out earlier by the Russian submarine K-21 which dropped ten mines in the area around Kirkenes. The wreck was found in 1998 on a depth of approx 75 meter right outside Hammerfest harbor.

Former names:
UJ 1110
Mob.FD 6 231,0 x 30,0 x 9,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
527 grt
Hamburg ( D ) 1941 Tromsø ( N )

70° 37' 24" N, 23° 35' 3" E

Picture: UJ 1110
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