UJ 1210 - Zeebrügge


UJ 1210 was built at Akers Mekaniske Verksted in Oslo and was launched in 1943. She was originally laid down as a whaler, but the German forces in Norway had great need for escort vessels and guard boats, and she was quickly requisitioned by Kriegsmarine. She was assigned duties as uboat hunter in 12.Ubbotjagd flotille and was sunk southeast of Lille Ekkerøy 16.July 1944 after furious air attacks from Soviet planes against the German convoy R119Ki. The Soviets attacked with seven attack groups, and managed to sink UJ 1210 and damage three other ships. The Soviet losses counted seven airplanes. The wreck rest today on a depth of approx 10 to 12 meter in the bay of Lille Ekkerøy outside Vadsø city.

Former names:
UJ 1210
NH-03, Zeebrügge 231,0 x 30,0 x 9,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
535 grt
Oslo ( N ) 1943 Hammerfest ( N )

N 05 1 E 30 15

Drawing : From SFT report 1993