Møre & Romsdal,Norway

In September 1943 the Italian ship Fidelitas laid at anchor in the harbor at Bordeaux, when she was confiscated by the German occupation forces. She was transferred to the German owned company Deutsche DSG and put in civil service for the Third Reich. 27.November 1944 she was in a convoy together with the freighter Jersberg and four German escort vessels headed for Ålesund. When they arrived Sulafjorden they were attacked by Australian planes from 404 and 489 squadrons. The planes attacked with machine cannons and torpedoes, and Fidelitas was soon mortally wounded. Also the steamer Hersberg and a German escort vessel were damaged. 35 men lost their lives on the German ships, while the Australian pilots returned home with three damaged planes. The wreck found in  1988 on a depth of 107 meter. In 1997 the Norwegian navy vessel KNM Tyr took pictures of the wreck and salvaged the ship bell.

Former names:
Bolton Castle 424,2 x 53,0 x 29,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5826 grt Glasgow ( UK ) 1914 Bremen ( D )

Picture: Bolton Castle in 1920, at the Panama Canal