Møre & Romsdal,Norway

The steamer Herøy was built in Öresund in Sweden and was launched in February 1921. She changed owners a couple of times before she ended up in Germany, owned by the company Hansen & Johansen in Flensburg in 1939. There she was requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine and renamed Iris. She was outfitted with five anti-aircraft gun towers installed on the deck for protection against airplanes. While she laid at anchor in Ålesund harbor 17.March 1945 waiting for escorts to her return to Germany, she was attacked by British airplanes and sunk. The wreck rest today on a depth of 25 to 32 meter at Aspevågen inside Ålesund harbor.

Former names:
Herøy, Adour 310,0 x 44,0 x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3323 grt Öresund ( S ) 1921 Flensburg ( D )

62° 27' 49" N, 6° 8' 4" E

Picture: Iris under attack
Erling Skjold © Norwegian Shipwreck Archive

Last updated: September 2019