Nord Norge II

Møre & Romsdal,Norway

The Swedish steamer Mariehamn was bought after all the ship losses the Coastal Express company had in second world war. One of these replacement ships was Mariehamn who was bought in 1942 to cover the loss of the steamer Barøy. She was rebuilt and refitted at Sarpsborg Mekaniske Verksted. 17.March 1944 she was stood ready for service and was renamed Nordnorge II. This was actually the second ship with this name after the sinking of the first Nordnorge that was requisitioned by the Germans earlier in 1940, and who also was sunk. Under a journey from Fredrikstad to Tromsø 24.March 1944 she was torpedoed by the British submarine HMS Satyr and sank in less than a minute. According to unverified information from divers, the wreck rest in shallow waters northwest of the northern point on Stadtlandet.

Former names:
Nord Norge II
Nyköping, Mariehamn  115,7 x 22,0 x 15,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
341 grt Motala ( S ) 1883 Tromsø ( N )

Picture: Nord Norge II
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