Olaf Kyrre

Møre & Romsdal,Norway

The steamer Olaf Kyrre was built in Bergen by Martens & Olsen. and was launched in 1888 for the company
Nordenfjeldske Dampskipselskab. She was put in service as a Coastal Express together with the steamer Sirius. But she was not the best choice for this kind of duty and was later retired from this duty. Under a journey from Trondheim to Bergen she hit ground at Kvitholmen lighthouse outside Ålesund 10.July 1909. She was stuck for a while before the sea slowly dragged her down. The wreck was soon forgotten, until the divers Bjørn Eide and Knut Storvik found the wreck in 1987. Today her remains rest on a depth of approx 20 meter at the reefs north of Kvitholmen.

Former names:
Olaf Kyrre

195,8 x 29,2 x 20,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
928 grt Bergen ( N ) 1888  Harstad ( N )

63° 2' 56" N, 7° 17' 31" E

Picture: Olaf Kyrre
"Sunnmørsposten" 16.May 1987