Barøy went down in the deep outside Bremnesodden in Vestfjorden 12.September 1941. She did service as a coastal express,  and was on a journey from Trondheim to Narvik with a crew of 24 men and 105 passengers. Four o`clock in the morning the sound of an airplane can be heard on her port side, and shortly after an airplane from Royal Navy attack her with a torpedo. Barøy is hit in the bow and the hull is torn apart and only seconds after the hit electricity is cut. and two minutes later she disappears in the deep. Both crew and passengers had to jump down in the freezing water and later when the steamer Skjerstad arrives, its becomes clear that 112 people are missing. The wreck rests today on a depth of approx 300 meter.

Former names:
Adele,W.Traber 143,8 x 24,1 x 16,3 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
424 grt Trondheim ( N ) 1929 Narvik ( N )

Picture: Barøy
Courtesy of Minnehallen
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