Dornier DO 26 Seeadler


Outside the city of Narvik, the remains of a German Dornier 26 Seeadler airplane rest in shallow waters. The airplane was found in 1991 and it is believed that the plane was one of two Dornier 26's that supplied the German forces in May 1940 under the battles of Narvik. Three British Hurricane fighters from RAF squadron 46 spotted the enemy planes 28.May right after they had landed, and quickly sunk them both in Sildvika. The other plane that was sunk, the Seemöwe" was later raised. But the remains of the Seeadler rest today in Rombaksbotn outside Narvik on a depth of approx 15 to 25 meter.

Former names:
Dornier DO 26 Seeadler

24,6 x 30,0 x 6,9 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
10,2 tons
( D ) Narvik ( N )
68° 24' 26" N, 17° 49' 33" E

Picture: Dornier DO 26 Seeadler
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Last updated: June 2017