HNoMS Eidsvold


Under the German invasion of Norway in April 1940, operation Weserub├╝ng, HNoMS Eidsvold and HNoMS Norge were both stationed in Narvik. When the German destroyers from Kriegsschiffgruppe 1 steamed in Ofotfjorden in the morning 9.April 1940, the Germans spotted Eidsvold and sent a parliamentary to demand her surrender. Commander Willoch on Eidsvold refuse, and shortly after the German commandant Bonte gives the order to attack. Eidsvold also prepare for battle, but before she is able to engage, she is hit by three torpedoes from Wilhelm Heidkamp. She breaks in two parts and quickly disappear in the deep together with 175 men from the crew. Most of the wreck was salvaged on site in the 1960s and there are only scattered remains left on a depth of approx 15 to 20 meter. Items salvaged from the wreck can be seen at the Naval Museum in Horten.

Former names:
HNoMS Eidsvold

310,4 x 51,5 x 17,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4166 grt Newcastle ( UK ) 1900 Narvik ( N )

Picture: Eidsvold & Norge
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