Gudrun Gisladottir


The Icelandic trawler Gudrun Gisladottir hit ground in Nappstraumen 18.June 2002. It was attempted to tow her towards shore, but she sank later southwest of Skagen near Ballstad. She carried quite a good portion of oil and fish on board, and was soon earmarked to be removed or salvaged. But after much debate by politicians, very little was actually done and only a small part of the oil was removed. The Icelandic company F├Žsti HF received 200 million in insurance money for the loss of their ship according to historical sources. The wreck of Gudrun Gisladottir rest today on her keel with a listing towards starboard on a depth of 27 to 40 meter.

Former names:
Gudrun Gisladottir
71,5 x 14,0 x 9,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2626 grt Huangpua ( CH ) 2001 Keflavik ( IS )

N 68 02,59 E 013 29,035

Picture: Gudrun Gisladottir
Courtesy of Shipspotting
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