ORP Grom


After the German invasion of Poland in 1939 the destroyer Grom was one of the ships from the Polish navy that manage to get away to England. 22.April 1940 Grom sailed up the Norwegian coastline and participated in the operations in Narvik. 4.May she laid at anchor outside Narvik when three German Heinkel 111 planes attack her. Six bombs were released from an altitude of over five thousand meters, and by a miracle two of them found their target. Aleksander Hulewicz had a crew of 180 men, and 59 of them perished in the attack. The rest of the crew were picked up by two British destroyers who came to assist. The wreck was found in 1986 and rest today broken in two outside Orneset on a depth of 70 to 105 meter.

Former names:
ORP Grom

114,0 x 11,3 x 3,1 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2144 grt Cowes ( UK ) 1936 Rosyth ( UK )

Picture: ORP Grom
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