Haakon Jarl


Haakon Jarl was built in Dumbarton in Scotland by Alexander Denny for the company Macdonald & Laird, but was taken over by the Norwegian company Nordenfjeldske Dampskipsselskap already before she was finished. She sailed in different routes along the Norwegian coastline until she ran aground and sank 1.November 1877 outside Kjeøy in Lødingen. According to statements from local divers, the remains of her was found in the 1970s and rest today on a depth of  24 to 35 meter.

Former names:
Haakon Jarl
Havelock 162,4 x 23,0 x 12,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
346 grt Dumbarton ( UK ) 1857 Trondheim ( N )

68° 19' 4" N, 15° 42' 43" E

Picture: Haakon Jarl
Originally from skovheim.org