HMS Hunter


HMS Hunter under command by Villiers participated in the first battle of Narvik in April 1940 against the German naval forces. Together with the British destroyers Hardy, Havock, Hostile and Hotspur she did a successful assault against the German destroyers at Narvik. Two of the German destroyers, Anton Schmitt and Wilhelm Heidkamp was sunk together with several civilian freighters. During the withdrawal they met other German destroyers, and during the following battle both Hardy and Hunter were severely damaged. She collided with HMS Hotspur who was out of control after severe damage and sank shortly after in the middle of the Ofotfjord. 95 men of the crew lost their lives. The wreck was found by the Norwegian navy vessel KNM Tyr in March 2008, and rest today on a depth of approx 300 meter.

Former names:
HMS Hunter
H 35
98,5 x 10,1 x 3,8 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1361 grt Wallsend-on-Tyne ( UK ) 1936 ( UK )

Picture: HMS Hunter
Courtesy of Royal Navy
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