Morgana was on a journey from Norfolk, USA to Vardø loaded with coal, when she ran aground outside Bodø 13.November 1920. She was laid down in Sunderland in 1892, but was bought up and sailed to Norway only six years later. At the end of 1919 the ship was sold to Jespersen in Tønsberg who renamed her Morgana. Only eight months later she was sold to Andersen in Bergen. 13.November 1920 she was on her last stage of the journey when she late at night and in bad weather, ran aground on Fuglesangene outside Bodø. The Dutch vessel Larenberg came to assist, and 24 men of the crew were picked up and transported to Bodø. The captain and nine men decided to stay to try to rescue her, but again the weather changed to the worse and during the night Morgana disappeared in the deep and was soon forgotten. Erling Skjold found the wreck in 1995 on the south side of Fuglesangene on a depth of approx 3 to 30 meter.

Former names:
Myrtledene, Songa 97,6 x 12,4 x 6,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2943 grt Sunderland ( N ) 1892 Bergen ( N )

GPS: N 66 58.244 E 13 41.733
Originally from