Minenraumschiff 25


Deutche Kriegsmarines Minenraumschiff 25 was a identical ship to MRS 26 which both were built at Moss shipyard for the owner Lorentzen in Oslo. Under construction of MRS 25, she was taken over by Kriegsmarine who decided that she should be completed as a Minenraumschiff. She was launched in 1944  and sailed to northern Norway. On the contrary to MRS 26 she survived second world war, and was put in service to clean up the Norwegian coastline for mines. 18.July 1945 she cleared mines in the area at Ballangen lighthouse for GM/SA when she was hit by a mine and sank. The wreck and her remains rest today outside Mortsund on a depth of approx 35 to 45 meter.

Former names:
Minenraumschiff 25

106,9 x 14,9 x 6,3 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3500 grt Moss ( N ) 1944 ( N )

Picture:  MRS 26 identical ship as MRS 25
Originally from skovheim.org