The steamship Neuenfels laid in Narvik harbor loaded with iron ore and was almost ready to set sail 8.April 1940. Two days later she and other ships were surprised by the Allied attack on Narvik in the morning 10.April. She was hit by a torpedo from the British destroyer Havock in the bow section and heavily damaged. For three days she laid at anchor and when the second Allied assault came 13.April the crew themselves scuttled. The wreck is the biggest one in Narvik harbor and was never raised or salvaged like most of the other wrecks after the war, but the the masts and bridge was dismantled to clear the ship lane. The wreck rest today on her keel on a depth of 10 to 30 meter.

Former names:

143,2 x 18,6 x 8,6 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4496 grt Bremen ( D ) 1925 Bremen ( D )

68° 25' 13" N, 17° 23' 35" E

Picture: Neuenfels
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