HNoMS Norge


HNoMS Norge was the second and last armored ship Norway had left after HNoMS Eidsvold had been sunk by the Germans outside Narvik in the morning 9.April 1940. She had through her career never seen action but fulfilled some prominent civilian tasks. Salute for King Haakon VIIs entry as king of Norway in 1905, and transport home for the then deceased Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson after his death in Paris in 1910. She laid at anchor at Narvik harbor when commandant Askim received notification that German destroyers steamed in the Ofotfjord 9.April 1940. Shortly after she was positioned they spotted two unknown destroyers at Ankenes, but shortly after they disappeared after they had fired warning shots. 04:40 in the morning they again spotted two destroyers amidst the trading vessels inside the harbor, and this time the order to open fire was given. She fired nine shots but thanks to poor visibility none hit their target. The two destroyers turned out to be Bernd Von Arnim and George Thiele, who embarked troops at the pier, and immediately picked up the fight afterwards. Bernd Von Arnim launched seven torpedoes and the last two found their target. Only nine men of the crew survived the sinking. The wreck was partly salvaged after the war, and the remains of her rest today in the middle of Narvik harbor on a depth of approx 20 meter.

Former names:
HNoMS Norge

94,6 x 15,7 x 5,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
4233 dwt Newcastle ( UK ) 1899 Narvik ( N )

Picture: HNoMS Norge
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