Before the outbreak of second world war, Rabat was used widely used as a freighter in the route between Germany, Portugal and Spain. After the outbreak of world war two she was requisitioned and put in service for the German Kriegsmarine. She went down in Bodø harbor 4.October 1943 after an Allied air attack where she was hit by a bomb. The summary of the attack resulted in two ships sunk and another six damaged, and two German planes shot down. In the attack 357 Germans perished. Some salvaging were done on the wreck in the 1950`s, and today the wreck rest on her keel on a depth of approx 20 to 43 meter in Bodø harbor.

Former names:

90,6 x 13,9 x 6,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
2719 grt Hamburg ( D ) 1929 Hamburg ( D )

67° 16' 47" N, 14° 21' 5" E
Picture: Rabat
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