Nordland, Norway

The steamer Rallaren, mostly known under the name Folla, sank at harbor at Radøy in the Tjongsfjord late in December 1958. She did service as a coastal freighter and was requisitioned by the Germans under Second World War. According to some sources she was several times damaged by airplanes during the war. Late in the war she was used at the forced evacuation of civilians from Finnmark county. She survived the war and was returned to her owners, and was in 1953 sold to the company Anlegg AS who used her as an accommodation vessel. It is believed she sank due to lack of maintenance in late 1958. The wreck rest today close to shore with the stern as the shallowest point at Reppen in the Tjongsfjord on a depth of 2 to 25 meter.

Former names:
115,1 x 20,4 x 14,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
258 grt / 148 nrt
Trondheim ( N ) 1909
Trondheim ( N )

Pictures: Old photo of Folla, and the wreck position
Courtesy of Wikistrinda & Meløy & Omegn Dive Club