Rigel was put under German command in 1944. She spent much of her time in the evacuation from Finnmark and the Soviet advancement. She was given orders to transport a large amount of Serbian, Russian, German and Norwegian prisoners soutwards. In total there were 2838 people on board when convoy 410 which Rigel was part of, was attacked by Allied airplanes 27.November 1944 outside Helgeland. In the morning the convoy was attacked by 16 planes sent from the British aircraft carrier HMS Implacable. Rigel was soon hit by bombs and machine cannon fire and was quickly put on fire. Attempts were made to beach her but the stern was already submerged. Under the attack the steamer Korsnes also takes hits from bombs and is grounded, burning. Same faith also strikes NT-04 while the German guard boat V-6308 is completely ripped apart in the furious attack. In the aftermath, this is reckoned as one of the greatest maritime disasters in Scandinavia and its estimated that 2571 people perished. The remains of Rigel rest today on the east side of Rosøya on a depth of 2 to 35 meter.

Former names:

120,6 x 16,9 x 7,6 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3828 grt København ( DK ) 1924 Bergen ( N )

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