6.April 1940 Stråssa left Narvik harbor and sat course for Baltimore in USA loaded with iron ore and a crew of 34 men. Outside Lofoten she got problems with her cooling systems and since this damage was not possible to repair while at sea, they decided to return to Narvik. Here she laid at anchor at Tjeldsundet when she 9. April was ordered by the German destroyer Dieter Von Roeder to anchor up in Narvik harbor and await further orders. When the British forces attacked Narvik in the morning 10.April,the crew decided to abandon ship after she was hit, and she was later sunk by the Germans. The wreck was allowed to rest in peace after the second world war, but the shallowest parts such as the bridge and the masts were removed to clear the ship lane. Stråssa rest today on a depth of approx 13 to 25 meters at Ankenes, right outside Narvik.

Former names:

119,9 x 16,3 x 9,4 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5608 grt Göteborg ( S ) 1921 Stockholm ( S )

68° 25' 11" N, 17° 24' 0" E

Picture: Stråssa
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