Wolfgang Zenker - Z 9


The German destroyer Wolfgang Zenker went down outside Narvik 13.April 1940 after she had run out of ammunition and fuel after fighting against the British forces. She was part of the German Kriegsschiffgruppe 1 under Operation Weserübung in April 1940. Under the second naval engagement she tried to attack the British battleship HMS Warspite with torpedoes together with the destroyers Hans Ludemann and Bernd Von Arnim, but had to abort the attack because of heavy enemy fire. After this she sat course for the Rombakfjord and the crew scuttled her shortly afterwards. The wreck rest today in Rombaksbotten on a depth of approx 10 to 16 meter.

Former names:
Wolfgang Zenker
119,0 x 11,3 x 4,2 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3409 grt Kiel ( D ) 1936 Danzig ( D )

68° 25' 0" N, 17° 53' 45" E

Picture: Wolfgang Zenker
Originally from skovheim.org