Elieser 5


Elieser 5 was one of six ships that served as a hospital vessel for the homeless people in Oslo back in the days. After many years of service she was in a very bad state and it was decided to condemn her. She was scuttled in Ormsundet between the islands Langøya and Malmøykalven right outside Oslo city 13.January 1984. Just before the scuttling, the Oslo Fire Department was given permission to set her on fire for training purposes.  She burned all the way until her hull was partly submerged, but she still wouldn't sink!. After some more waiting it was decided that the ship had to be rammed, and shortly after Elieser got the final blow from a vessel nearby. Today the devastated and burnt out wreck rest on a depth of 50 meter in the middle of Ormsundet.

Former names:
Elieser 5
MMS 1050
135,5x 26,4x 13,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
415 grt
Nova Scotia ( CA ) 1944 Oslo ( N )

Picture: Elieser 5
Courtesy of Skipet

Picture: Elieser 5 put on fire by Oslo Fire Department
Originally from skovheim.org
Nils Vik private collection, ( 1995 )