"Ormøya 1"


In Oslo harbor an unknown wreck rest on a depth of 56 meter. The area around Ormøya and Hovedøya was earlier used to anchor ships laid up, and was also the official dumping site for condemned ships. Earlier scanning of the sea bed has revealed several wrecks of a certain size. I recently came across a scanning done by Team Colibri that shows this unknown wreck which has an approx length of 17 meter. In other words a rather small boat. Also see the wrecks of Oslo VI and Elieser 5.

Former names:
"Ormøya 1"

Tons: Built: Home Port:

( N )
( N )
N059.52.891, E010.44.425
Courtesy of Team Colibri

Picture: Unknown wreck at Ormøya
Team Colibri
( Edited )

Last updated: September 2019