Than tanker BP 3 was built at Moss Verft AS for the company Norsk Brænselolje AS in Oslo. She stood ready in 1926 and measured 73 gross tons, more than enough for her duties in Oslofjord. She changed names and owners several times before she ended up in the company Siraco AS with the name Petit. She was deleted from the ship lists in 1974, and in 1994 she was scuttled at the dumping site for condemned ships outside Malmøya in Oslo harbor.

Former names:
BP 3,Mil 3,Mil 14
78,0 x 14,6 x 7,1 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
73 grt
Moss ( N ) 1926
Oslo ( N )

Picture: Petit
Originally from
Nils Vik,private collection

Oslo Byarkiv
Last updated: June 2017