Stanelco was a former British landing craft who was sold to Norway after the second world war. Around 50 or so of these ships arrived Norway between 1945-1947. Stanelco arrived to Oslo in 1946 and was rebuilt and equipped by Framnes Mekaniske Verksted as a specialized cable ship. After work in Oslo she did service along the whole Norwegian coastline for the company Standard Telefon & Kabelfabrik AS. She was rigged down to a barge later and after being stricken from the ships lists, she was scuttled at the dumping site outside Malmøya on a depth of approx 50 meter. Also see the former landing craft Svan that sank outside Hovedøya in 1972.

Former names:

153,0 x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
300 displ
( UK ) 1945
Oslo ( N )

Picture: Stanelco in Oslo
"Skipsfarten på Oslo"
Nils Vik,private collection

Last updated: June 2017