The German steamer Baldur was on a journey from Stettin to Narvik 26.February 1940 to load iron ore, when she outside Jøssingfjorden when her propeller was entangled in a net. The net was laid out by British forces that was searching for the German steamer Altmark hiding somewhere in Norwegian waters. Altmark was an important target for the British, earlier being a support vessel for the German heavy cruiser Admiral Graf Spee who was scuttled in Montevideo. It was also belieived she carried prisoners of war from captured merchant vessels. Later in the afternoon Baldur was spotted by a British reconnaissance airplane, who thought she was Altmark. A message was sent to the British cruiser HMS Arethusa who reached the position an hour later.. They discovered that she wasn't Altmark, but the crew on Baldur then scuttled her and abandoned ship. She went down four nautical miles outside Jøssingfjorden. The wreck has not yet been located.

Former names:

Tons: Built: Home Port:
5802 grt ( D ) 1927 Hamburg ( D )

Picture: Baldur
  "Våre Gamle Skip"
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