Graal Muritz was built at Elbenwerft in Boisenburg in Germany, and was launched in 1956 for the German company VEB Deutsche Seerederei. In 1971 she was sold to Fredrik Oddfjell in Bergen and renamed Ceang. She che changed owners a few times more, and last port of registry was in Haugesund. Under a journey from Høgsvik to Bergen loaded with 576 tons of stone and a crew of six men, she hit ground outside Knarholmen 16.August 1977. In the accident three men of the crew lost their lives. The wreck rest today on her port side outside the breakwater east of Knarholmen on a depth of 10 to 25 meter in Boknasundet.

Former names:
Graal Muritz
163,7 x 27,0 x 10,5 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
439 grt / 180 nrt Boisenburg ( D ) 1956 Haugesund ( N )

GPS: N 59.12.69, E 05.28.14

Picture: Ceang
Originally from skovheim.org