The German steamer Dresden wrecked 20.June 1934 near Kopervik on Karmøy. She was built as an passenger ship in 1914 and was named after the famous Count Zeppelin, who also presented himself when she was launched from the dock. She was one of the many ships who brought emigrants from Europe over to the American continent in the 1910-1920s. When Adolf and his NSDAP took over in the 1930s she was assigned as a "Kraft Dürch Freunde"vessel, cruising the fjords and promoting the greatness of National Socialism. The Dresden accident was quite a big event in the small Norwegian community at the time, and a curiosity is that in the small towns around Kopervik, you can still find inventory from her. In a small café in Skudeneshavn  i personally came across both pictures and inventory from the wreck. ( red.anm,2002 ). She was partly scrapped on site after the accident, and her bow and mid ship was more or less flattened out. Today the remains of her fill up most of the bay on a depth of approx 12 to 45 meter close to shore in Hestvika south of Blikshamn.

Former names:
Zeppelin, Ormuz 173,5 x 20,4 x 10,7 m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
14690 grt Vegesack ( D ) 1915 Bremen ( D )

59° 12' 0" N, 5° 19' 0" E

Pictures: Dresden
Originally from skovheim.org
Nils Vik, private collection