Hartlepool was a combined sail and steamship, and was built by William Gray & Company Ltd in Sunderland in 1880. She went down at Langholmen outside Egersund 11.December 1888 after she had hit ground under her journey to Bergen from Braila loaded with misc food. Of her crew of 21 men, 17 lost their lives. Her misfortune was first discovered the day after when the Norwegian pilot Claus Lædre spotted Hartlepool stranded. Despite bad weather he managed to rescue some of the men who had survived the night. Claus Lædre was later given a medal for his noble deed by the British government, based on the act and for having rescued the remaining crew members. Today the remains of Hartlepool rest on the east side of Langholmen on a depth of approx 15 to 90 meter.

Former names:

258,5 x 34,6 x 19,7 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1754 grt / 2400 dwt Sunderland ( UK ) 1880 Sunderland ( UK )

N 58 22,28 E 6 4,68
( Source: Egersund Dive club )