The steamer Kaldnes was laid down in Farsund in 1940, but was requisitioned by the German Kriegsmarine even before her construction was finished. Just a few years later, she was sunk by RAF airplanes from squadron 489 outside Feistein 29.January 1943 under a journey from Bergen to Hamburg. She was hit by three torpedoes and broke in two parts before she disappeared in the deep. Fourteen men of the crew perished in the sinking. The remains of her rest today in two separate parts. Parts of her, or rather the remains, rest today on the southeast side of Steinboene outside Tananger on a depth of 30 to 40 meter.

Former names:
Mosstrand 343,0 x 48,7 x ? f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
3548 grt  Farsund ( N ) 1940 Trondheim ( N )

GPS: N58.51.950, E05.30.127

Picture: Mosstrand
Courtesy of Warsailors
Last updated: June 2019