Knute Nelson


Knute Nelson was one of the vessels that assisted after the sinking of the British passenger ship Athenia 3.September 1939 outside Ireland. Not to be confused by the first Athenia who sunk in 1917. They managed to rescue 449 survivors. After the German invasion of Norway and Denmark in April 1940, she was confiscated by the German Kriegsmarine. She left Stavanger 27.September 1944 bound for Oslo. At Jæren she hit a mine laid out by the French submarine Rubis and sank within a few minutes. More than half of the crew lost their lives. Both the reason for the sinking, either mines or torpedoes, and the number of casualties varies in historical sources. The wreck was located in 1996, and the remains of her rest today on a depth of 50 meter south of Klausgrunnen at Jærens reef.

Former names:
Knute Nelson

461,2 x 56,2 x 26,8 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
5749 grt Odense ( DK ) 1926 Oslo ( N )

Picture: Knute Nelson & SFT drawing of the wreck 1993
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