The steamer Mandal was built by Trondheims Mekaniske Verksted, and was launched in May 1874 for the Norwegian company Mandal & Omegns Dampskipselskab. She was sold three years later, and in 1883 she was rebuilt, slightly increasing her tonnage and overall length. She changed owners and names several times before she ended up with the name Lysefjord and Stavanger as port of registry. Under a journey from Stavanger to Årdal with five passengers and loaded with general goods when she hit ground 6.April 1941 in the Årdalsfjord.  Attempts were made to pull her off, but without any success. She later slid of the reef and sank at Småskjærene west of Årdal. The wreck was found by Leif Bruntveit in 1988 on a depth of 75 meter.

Former names:
Mandal, Karmsund, Karmøy,
Fryseri I, Frost
106,1 x 18,8 x 8,0 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
143,3 grt / 84 nrt Trondheim ( N ) 1874 Høgfjord ( N )

59° 8' 17" N, 6° 4' 21" E

Picture: Lysefjord
Originally from
Nils Vik, private collection