The German Kriegsmarin's midget submarines which were produced late in second world war, didn't quite have the same successes as their bigger brothers such as the type VII and IX uboats. They must rather be looked upon as an desperate effort to regain the initiative late in the war. The first type to be produced was the Molch. More a manual torpedo rather than a submarine, they had great problems with maneuvering under battle and were soon withdrawn from service. After the introduction of the more reliable Seehund and Biber, the Molch was used for training purposes.  In 1997 one of these was found by divers, still loaded with live torpedoes at the entrance of Hafrsfjord. The year after divers from the Norwegian navy disarmed the torpedoes. The remains rest today on a depth of approx 18 meter at Fjørnesholmene.

Former names:

10,8x 1,8x ? m
Tons: Built: Home Port:
11 grt Lübeck ( D ) 1944 Stavanger ( N )

GPS 59 962628 5. 580014

Picture: Molch mini submarines
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