MRS 4 - Paris


Paris was owned by the Norwegian company Ganger Rolf and sailed in the route between Antwerpen and Oslo as a passenger ship. After the German invasion of Norway she was requisitioned 20.August 1940 by the German Kriegsmarine. She was used to supply the German battleship Tirpitz in Northern Norway and as a mother ship for minesweepers. It is also said she was used as an auxiliary cruiser and anti aircraft vessel, a so called "flakschiffe". 12.March 1945 she laid at anchor at Haugesund and waited for a convoy of six ships. The convoy left Haugesund in the morning, and when they had passed Bjørkevær the convoy was attacked by two MTB`s. She is hit by several torpedoes and goes down in the deep within minutes. The number of casualties is said to be 86 or 104 men, the sources just don't seem to agree on this detail.  Its is believed it was the Norwegian MTB 711 who torpedoed her. Wreck debris has been found on a depth of approx 100 meter which might be from MRS 4.

Former names:
255,7 x 39,7 x 16,9 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
1755 grt Kristiania ( N ) 1922 Oslo ( N )

N 59.25', E 05.15
( Source: Sjøhistorie )


Picture: Paris
  Courtesy of Fred Olsen Lines 2005
Nils Vik, private collection

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