Terje 7 was a whaler built by Deutsche Schiff & MachinebauAG Werk, and was launched in 1936 for the Norwegian company Hector Whaling Ltd in Tønsberg. After the outbreak of World War Two she was requisitioned by the South African Navy and spent the war serving as an auxiliary minesweeper under the name Protea. She was returned to her owners in 1946, and was sold to Christina Holt in Oslo, and rebuilt as a coastal freighter and renamed Norfrost. Under a journey from Hammerfest to Sweden loaded with fish, and explosion erupted in the engine room and she caught fire outside Madland 26. November 1967. She was beached at Madland, and written of as a total loss. Time and rough seas has totally devastated the wreck, and the battered bow section can still be seen on the shore north of Madland harbor.

Former names:
Terje 7, Protea
165,0 x 26,3 x 12,6 f
Tons: Built: Home Port:
  467 grt
Weserm'unde ( D ) 1936
Oslo ( N )

58°35'22.3"N 5°38'07.6"E

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